How to Choose the Right SD Card

The common digital devices that we have right now incorporate the use of memory cards wherein they are very useful in storing media such as music, photos, and videos. However, not all memory cards have the same sizes and you always have to note that with the device that you are using.

Memory cards vary when it comes to size, speed, and storage capacities. So before you head on out to your nearest tech store and buy a memory card, you need to know what exactly it is that you’re looking for to ensure that you won’t be wasting your money and that you will be able to acquire something that fits your needs.

The Speed

This is something that some people are not aware of. Memory cards vary also when it comes to the speed. The reason for this implementation is because there are several tasks and work that require a quick response while some are just standard ones. If you are a photographer who has to deal with fast snapping pictures or perhaps in need of a high-resolution video recording, then you will require a memory card with high speed. So before you purchase that memory card, you must know exactly what you will be using it for to ensure that it will cater to your needs.

The Size

Memory cards also comes in 3 different sizes namely the microSD (the smallest), the miniSD (the medium-sized), and the standard one (the biggest).The standard sized memory card may be small but it’s still the largest one compared to the other 2. Each of the devices that we use comes with different memory card slots which cater a specific size of memory card. If you’re lucky, your device may be able to house 2 memory card sizes or even 3 if it’s much of a high-end one. So always know which memory card size fits your device to avoid wasting money and prevent buying a new one.

The Capacity

Just like the different devices out there, memory cards also come with different storage capacity. The standard ones usually come in 1GB size while the biggest ones can reach up to 32GB of capacity. So make sure to know which one fits your device best and the one that will suit your needs. This will ensure that you will have enough memory space the next time you will be storing something useful on it.


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