How to Take Control of Notifications in Your Apple Watch

If you’ve just recently bought an Apple watch, then you want it to inform you whenever things happen. Text messages, phone calls, emails and other app notifications can turn your mini-wrist device into a control panel for whatever things that need your utmost attention.

Checking notifications through your iPhone can easily distract you with other stuff such as browsing through your Facebook or Twitter page and even play just a single level of your favorite game. But with the help of the Apple Watch, you can also see such notifications which will then allow you to decide on how you’re going to act upon them.

In order to make your Apple Watch more useful, there is a way to limit the appearance of notifications and not make them a nuisance to you. Check out these steps on setting your Apple Watch’s notification.

Notification Overload!

If you don’t do anything that much with your Apple Watch then by default, it will send you with lots of notifications that come from your iPhone and even the apps of your Apple Watch. The most basic thing that you have to do is to turn off those which you think aren’t necessary.

You can do this by going to the Apple Watch app of your iPhone, click notifications and scroll down. The first section included in the apps would consist of the common ones by Apple such as the Mail, Calendar, Activity, Messages and many more. For the majority of these apps, you will be given with 2 choices which are Mirror My iPhone and Custom. By choosing the former, you will be notified once you have the notification for that app turned on in your iPhone device. If you are receiving loads of notifications for that particular app, then you will also be receiving the same ones on your Apple Watch.

You can customize the Apple apps that you normally use and you surely don’t want to be getting the same ones on your Apple Watch as you would on the ones on your iPhone. For the other apps that you have, the two choices that you have is to either mirror the notification settings on your iPhone or you can just not let it. You should think carefully on which apps are essential to be notified on your wrist.

You should also note that if you’re currently using your iPhone and it’s not asleep or locked, you will be getting your notifications through there without anything going through your Apple Watch. If you dismiss the notifications on one device, it will also mirror the dismissal on the other.

So before getting yourself overwhelmed by the tons of notifications that you will be receiving on your Apple Watch, it is imperative that you check its settings first, as well as the ones needed for your iPhone. Through this, your device will be much calmer and you won’t be easily distracted by the constant alerts that these notifications bring.



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